Hockey Funny

A team of 6 playing on ice with their sticks and a puck - just this description alone makes it easy to conclude that the subject is undeniably about Hockey. Who would have thought that about of contact between two teams in a contest of speed, strength, agility and teamwork, could also be the perfect ingredients to create some of the funniest moments you could find on sports today. Sporting Press has indeed experienced stomach-hurting moments from the vast array of hockey funny videos in existence today. However, a great video missed out on definitely outweighs having watched hundreds that are inferior to it and finding these great videos out of all the present videos today may not be that easy.

Fortunately, Sporting Press aims to share the fun and enjoyment to its visitors by presenting some of the funniest and most entertaining mistakes and failures ever to slide on the ice rink of hockey. One funny video that's simple yet classic would be the Stanley Cup Incident experienced by Michael Ryder, Forward of the Boston Bruins. As Ryder goes through the crowd while boasting the Stanley Cup, he places it on the table and in the middle of all those people, the strong wind blew the cup away from the table which was then followed by the band of police with Ryder. You could leave that up to your imagination to see how embarrassing that was for a star, or you could watch it on Video Streaming sites like Youtube.

If you love pranks, a simple prank made by Marky Turco to Roman Polak would surely suffice to give you a smile. Whilst in the midst of the game Polak finds himself at the side, of the rink, more specifically, near the door. Just as he was about to lean on the door, Marky Turco sets up his genius plan and opened the door just as Polak was about to lean on it. The result? That was obvious already and it even left the commentators laughing and replaying the prank. These two videos are just part of the women sports funny video accumulated until today and it just proves that even the simplest mistakes and pranks could lead to a laughable scenario as long as it happens at the perfect moments.